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Family Healthcare Testimony

    Hi, this is a testimonial for Dr. Binder.

    Dr. Binder has always been ahead of his time in the practice of alternative medicine. He's helped many members of my family and extended family over the years.

    In one case my grandfather was given months to live with a case of shingles that had gone into his eye. With Dr. Binder's care grandpa was well within 2 weeks and lived many years longer.

    Our lives have not only been extended, but also enriched and empowered.

    Dr. Binder encourages healthy lifestyles and gives an excellent seminar on Position Technic teaching through his specialized methods for keeping backs healthy.

    As for myself, my back pain, heart condition, and high blood pressure caused me to live with constant low grade headaches or with migraines. These caused sleeplessness and fatigue which in turn caused forgetfulness, dizziness, ringing ears, low energy, and depression. Needless to say it was difficult to lead a productive and involved life.

    Dr. Binder's cares meant that I now feel like a normal person. I'm not in constant pain, and look forward to enjoying life fully. I followed his advice, and the knowledge gained from his seminar gives me tools to help myself heal.

    Dr. Binder is a humanitarian in the highest order. When visiting with Dr. Tim I'm always impressed with how expansive his care for others is. He is a gifted doctor and has a very compassionate soul.

    -- Abigail S.


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