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Hepatitus Testimony

    When I found out that I had hepatitis C the veterans hospital wanted to give me interferon and something called ribavirin which is a form of chemotherapy with all of the traditional side affects.

    On top of that I was told that these treatments are only effective on about 5% of the cases with the particular strain that I had.

    I figured that I was a goner basically, so I started asking my friends if they knew of any alternative approaches, and several suggested that I go to see Dr. Tim Binder. So I did, and he gave me some homeopaths, and I really had no confidence at all that they could even make a dent in such a serious illness as hep-c.

    My viral count was 5.8 million when I started the treatment. I was tested again about 6 months later and it had dropped down to 1.8 million. That's a 70% decrease in the actual viral load. I was totally blown away. When I called my doctor at the VA he couldn't believe it... I really couldn't either! especially because I wasn't taking the medicines as consistently as I was supposed to. It's been 4 months since I last tested, but I'm anticipating another drastic reduction, or even better, that I might even test negative.

    I truly believe at this point that Dr. Binder is one of the best in his field and I highly recommend him.

    -- Eric K.
       Boulder, CO


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