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Ovarian Testimony

    In 1992 I was given the working diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Allopathic care offered drug therapy and surgery.

    Before I knew about Dr. Tim I tried the drug therapy suggested which in my case exacerbated my condition and didn't improve the diagnosis. My doctor at that point wanted to go ahead with surgery. In my mind surgery would be a last resort when all other options are exhausted.

    Fortunately I learned about Dr. Tim, and it's because of his ability as a naturopathic physician that I still have all my organs, live without pain, and the tumor is two-thirds smaller -- the tissue continues to normalize. I didn't have to resort to surgery, hormone replacement therapy, chemo or radiation, and most of all to losing my quality of life.

    I would say that it's because of Dr. Tim and my willingness to change habits that were not supporting my health, that I'm not only still here today, I have all of my organs - I'm still in one piece, and I continue to live a happy life.

    -- S.R. of
       Boulder, CO


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