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Position Technic Testimonials

John Denver states in an interview given to The Missoulian of Missoula, Montana, dated February 22, 1983, that Position Technic and diet helped him feel and look younger, taller, more flexible, and energetic.

Rebecca Greenwood stated her positive experience with Position Technic in an April 1979 article, "The Art of Standing" in the East West Journal.

Below are the testimony of three other students who took the seminar and their positive experiences. While everyone may not experience such dramatic results it is the intention of Dr. Binder and his teachers to provide the means whereby it may be possible. Here are their stories:

Dr. Tim,

To repeat what I said to Donna -- I had been experiencing pain for the past two days in my left hip, buttock and leg, and called for an appointment for tomorrow. I'm leaving for California by train on Thursday, and the thought of sitting 32 hours with terrible pain was very unattractive. After I called I decided to do some more of the Position Technic exercises, and in particular Exercise #40, the Flamingo, and within a few minutes, presto! The pain was all gone! So it really does work!

Incidentally, the workshop on P.T. is something I'm only beginning to feel the affect of and can see without a scintilla of a doubt how absolutely right it is. Now if I could only master it all and be conscious of it 24 hours a day, I'd be in 7th heaven.

Thank you, Tim, for you wonderful help.

Your Grateful Friend,
Muriel Salmonsohn, Denver, Colorado

Dear Doctor Binder,

This is by way of a thank you for the help your classes on Position Technic gave me. For the first time in 12 years my back doesn't hurt!

As you know, for years I had been wearing a back brace and doing exercises prescribed by an orthopedic specialist in Denver--with limited success. In contrast, the exercises you taught us in the P.T. classes have worked miracles. Since then I have twice overexerted my back and felt the old pain and stiffness returning. Each time I merely did several of your exercises, concentrated on walking and sitting correctly, and within hours all discomfort was gone. I really feel I can control the situation now. After 12 years of suffering and countless trips to neurosurgeons, orthopedic specialists, osteopaths and three other chiropractors, this to me is little short of a miracle. Especially after missing 3 months of work last year alone. My only regret now is having sold my golf clubs 2 years ago. At this rate I'm sure I'll play again--thanks to the self-help we learned in your classes.

Roger St. Batty, Denver, Colorado

The following letter was sent to Alan Joel, a Position Technic teacher:

Dear Alan:

I wish to convey my appreciation for the help you have given me in teaching the P.T. system. The cost of the program has undoubtedly been one of the best investments I have ever made.

I have been using 30-40 minutes each day for the exercise program. My comprehension and usage of the program slowly gains strength and application.

I find I am able to sharpen my ability to concentrate during lectures by sitting "in Position." Whenever I set back out of position I slide into a lower state of awareness. This is particularly noticeable when listening to material of marginal interest. At these times it is a case of alertness when "in Position," vs. asleep when in a normal off-centered seating position. Obviously the technic is extremely helpful in meditation, in standing, walking, studying, etc.

I selectively suggest to individuals about the benefits of the P.T. program. It is very interesting to observe their response. It seems to depend upon what wholistic direction the person is traveling in. The technic has much power to aid a person's life situation. To what ends will the person use this new found power?

Wishing you much success in your endeavors.

Yours truly,
Fred Tighe, President, Relcon Maintenance Service Co.
8 Temple Rd., Waltham, Mass. 02154



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