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Prostate Testimony

    Hi my name is Skip, I've been a patient of Dr. Binder for 28 years. I found Dr. Binder after founding out that I had cancer of the prostate, colon, and testicles.

    I went to three different medical doctors for their recommendation. Their recommendation was to remove the tumors from the three areas and put me on chemotherapy and radiation. And I asked them at the time what my odds of survival were after doing all this and they told me I had about a forty percent (40%) chance to survive, so being 31 years old I thought I'd better try something else. So I tried the alternative medicine route.

    I became a vegetarian, followed his strict diet of medicines that he put me on: 14 different medicines, and lived on raw vegetables and distilled water for a year and a half. It's now 26 years later and I have been free of cancer for all that time.

    I've had tests done by the different doctors over the years, my cancer is still in remission.

    Tim has treated myself and my family for various ailments over the years, and most recently he has treated me for high blood pressure. I didn't really know I had high blood pressure until I went in for a physical at Kaiser and they told me that I had a blood pressure rating of 185 over 124 which is pretty high. Tim has been treating me for that for the past 9 months and now it's back down to normal.

    I have had various ailments with what one time we called the "swamp water fever" treatment he was giving me to cure a disease that doctors couldn't figure out what it was. As it turns out it was something that I got off of an air conditioner that I'd worked on, and a fungus had grown in my lungs and no one could treat it, but Tim treated it and I have been healthy ever since.

    I'm 59 years old and I feel a lot of times I have the energy of a forty year old.

    Thank you Tim.

    -- Skip F.
       Boulder, CO


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