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Pulmonary Fibrosis Testimony

    In the fall of 2000 I came down with a horrific uncontrollable cough. The doctors I went to at the time were unable to diagnose it. The cough finally subsided two months later, but I was very short of breath. Two years later the cough returned lasting two and a half months. I took myself and my cough to a different doctor and he was able, through x-rays and MRI's, to diagnose me as having pulmonary fibrosis. I took steroids as prescribed with no positive results. The doctor advised me that this disease was incurable and it was progressive. So there it was.

    The first time I saw the lung doctor, my blood oxygen level, by recollection was 92% and lung capacity was 55%.

    Since the prognosis was not good and nothing could be done, I decided to see a homeopathic doctor, hence Dr. Binder. Dr. Binder spent between 3-4 hours discussing my situation and I went home with his natural medicines -- 8 in all.

    After taking this medicine for a little more than a month, I kept a scheduled appointment with the lung doctor to find that my blood oxygen was at 97% and lung capacity was 75%.

    Although I'm not out of the woods yet, there has been a vast improvement and I breathe easier than I have in several years.

    -- Charles M.
       Stevensville, MT




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