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Thyroid Disease Testimony

    In Regards to Dr. Tim Binder,

    I have been a client under Dr. Tim Binder's care since 1994. When I first met him we had only been talking a few minutes when he told me I had a severe thyroid disease. This was something which none of my medical doctors had diagnosed and I had been suffering with for years.

    After that lab tests revealed that I had severe Hashimoto's Disease with a lab value so far off they couldn't even calculate it.

    I was 40 pounds overweight, very unhappy, in a bad marriage, recently diagnosed with a Stage II Melanoma, Down Winder's Syndrome (after being raised close to a nuclear plant) which created a severely suppressed immune system, and lab tests which indicated I was well on my way to breast cancer.

    Under Dr. Tim's care, I got out of my unhappy marriage, lost 40 pounds, reversed my lab test to be cancer free with lab values that the cancer doctors still can't believe.

    I was also treated by Dr. Tim for a bleeding disorder that no other doctor was able to stop after 90 days, which caused sever anemia. Within 24 hours of Dr. Tim's treatment the bleeding had stopped.

    Myself and several other clients of Dr. Tim's truly believe he has changed our lives, with diet and a naturopathic, holistic approach to treatment, where conventional medicine was not able to cure us. I truly believe Dr. Tim has the gift of healing.


    Joyce R.
    Donnelly, Idaho



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